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'Alaskan Bush People' Bear Brown Reveals He's Making a Horror Movie

By Gary Trock

Bear Brown is breaking out from his role as a reality star and trying to get into the movie biz!

The "Alaskan Bush People" star revealed the big news on Instagram and revealed that he has been working on his own flick for quite some time.

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His Love of Movies


Bear explained that his family would entertain themselves when he was a kid by watching the limited number of movies they owned and that he took a liking to films by Alfred Hitchcock and John Carpenter.

That, coupled with the family's ghost stories, developed a liking for horror films for the young Discovery star.

Bear's Influences

Giphy | hoppip

"When we were stuck in California I got the idea to do my own equivalent of a horror movie based off the ones that I liked," Bear explained.

He also said he was influenced by video games like "Resident Evil."

Will It Be Extreme?


One of the scenes he has released features Bear running through the crimson-lit woods at night as an ominous voice bellows "Fear No Evil."

Bear says he thinks it's "cool for people to be able to watch a movie that makes people huddle up with their family and wonder what's going to happen next," and is excited to take a crack at filmmaking.

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