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'Alaska: The Last Frontier' Jane Kilcher Braves Snowy Wilderness for Hunt

By Gary Trock

Jane Kilcher is taking her enhanced role on the family homestead seriously and has ventured out into an uninhabited region in search of food.

The "Alaska: The Last Frontier" star shared a series of photos on Monday night from her latest adventure a hunting trip in the Chugash National Forest in Alaska.


Jane revealed she is hunting for Ptarmigan, a medium-sized gamebird in the Grouse family.

Rock Ptarmigans are found spread across the arctic and are also the official bird for the territory of Nunavut, Canada. They prefer barren terrain, which may explain the remote hunting grounds that Jane traveled to for the hunt.

Among the photos, Jane showed off herself catching some rays amid the snowy backdrop.

Even though she's on TV, Jane is not afraid to rough it and revealed that she is sleeping in a tent while on the trip.

Jane has been all about the hunt recently, as she recently went out with her husband, Atz Lee Kilcher.

The two stars traveled above the Arctic Circle to set up camp and go on a multi-day hunt, but it was unclear what kind of game they were after.

The newest season of Discovery's "Alaska: The Last Frontier" revealed that Jane is taking on more responsibility at her family's homestead in Homer, Alaska.

A preview for the season showcases Jane's growing role in providing for the family and even going out for her first hunt without the guidance of Atz Lee.

"I'm ready to be a leader," Jane said.

Jane's not the only Kilcher keeping busy as winter gears up in Alaska, as her nephew, August Kilcher, was recently popped by law enforcement while near the family homestead.

The Blast first reported, 21-year-old August was operating a vehicle without proper registration, and he was cited and released by the Homer Police Department.

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