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'Alaska: The Last Frontier' Stars Scramble to Investigate Capsized Boat

By Gary Trock

The Kilcher family from "Alaska: The Last Frontier" became detectives when a mysterious boat washed up on shore after a storm.

In an exclusive clip of Sunday's episode, Eivin and Eve Kilcher are seen walking along the beach collecting coal after a storm when they come upon a capsized boat.


The two stars immediately jump into action and see if there are any survivors, and also collect up all the personal belongings that are scattered around the beach.

"It was kind of stormy yesterday, now we're finding debris and a boat is a bad scene," Eivin explains.

They scan the horizon with binoculars after collecting up a cooler full of fresh food and supplies, which leads them to believe somebody may be in serious trouble.


"It's a pretty terrifying sight," Eve says to producers, explaining, "We all know how dangerous these waters are and how quickly things can go wrong."

Along with the unfolding trouble on the shore, "Alaska: The Last Frontier" also checks in with Otto, Charlotte and August as they build a shelter for their calves.

Jane and Atz Lee Kilcher are also showcased engaging in a new spring tradition for the family.

It's been a season full of action for the Kilchers as they take on wild animals along with the natural elements.

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