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'Alaska: The Last Frontier' Atz Lee Kilcher Confronts Bear Over Threat to Homestead

By Gary Trock

The stars of "Alaska: The Last Frontier" not only have to deal with the harsh wilderness but also have to combat predators in the same area who are looking for a snack.

In an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Discovery's "Alaska: The Last Frontier," Atz Lee Kilcher is preparing for the spring cattle drive, which means he has to scout the area for incoming threats to the herd.

Kilcher explains that bears and wolves can be threats to the smaller cattle and then begins to track a brown bear by reading the animal's footprints in the mud.

He believes the bears are making their way down the trail to the location where the cattle will graze and is worried there could be a huge threat to their livestock.


Kilcher says the predators are "alive and thriving" and that driving cattle is basically putting out bait for the bigger animals.

Things get intense when Kilcher spots a bear while scouting the land, and is forced to pull his handgun and fire off a few rounds.


The reality star was more than likely trying to scare the bear off, as he would have probably grabbed his high-powered rifle if he intended to fire a fatal shot.

While Atz Lee is defending the homestead, other members of the Kilcher family are keeping busy, like Eivin and Eve who take the kids on a kelp-harvesting expedition.


Atz Lee isn't the only Kilcher wielding firepower to provide for the family during the newest season of the series, as Jane Kilcher has also been actively involved in hunting and proclaimed that she wants to take on a larger role in caring for the homestead.

"Alaska: The Last Frontier" airs Sundays at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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