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The AITA Part Of Reddit

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Few places on the internet garner as much attention as Reddit, and the "Am I The Assh*le?" subreddit is becoming increasingly popular. People are spending hours (including Chrissy Teigen!) scrolling through these stories of human behavior and passing judgement on a situation based on a couple of paragraphs.

One post got people talking that has Reddit users divided over how things played out. User SCM2323 explained a situation that he had on a plane while watching Game of Thrones.

"Two days ago, I was on a long-haul flight. I was sitting in an aisle seat. Since I haven't seen Games of Thrones yet, I was looking forward to binge watch the first season. I made myself comfortable and set up my tablet. An hour or two into watching, the woman two rows behind me tipped on my shoulder and told me that I need to turn it off immediately. A little bit confused, I asked why. She told me that her young son could see the show playing on my tablet and it's totally not suited for such young children because of the sex and violence involved in it. While I agree with that, I told her that I'm not going to turn it off. She then basically told me that I am an assh*le for not considering other people around me. Is she right?"

Is He Wrong?


He further clarified the situation, offering up additional details to make his case based on critics in the comments.

I was wearing headphones all the time.

It was a flight with Swiss from Europe to a city in the United States. The in-flight entertainment system offered various movies and tv shows that were also not suited for children. However I have to admit that probably none was as bad as GoT. However, none of these shows was censored as far as I can tell.

I'm not sure exactly where (aisle, middle or window) the kid was sitting since it was behind me and I think they switched seats frequently.

This budding Game of Thrones fan was met by a very divided comment section.

People are Divided


Some people were adamant that he did nothing wrong.

"NTA. Certainly, GoT is not appropriate for a child but this is a rather unreasonable request. She is two rows behind you. It is not like it is just playing in the kid's face. She could have swapped seats with the kid or distracted him. If all else failed she could have politely asked if you would mind angling your tablet so he couldn't see it. Instead she jumped straight to telling you that you had to turn it off. That is entitlement right there. The world does not revolve around her child."

"NTA. I flew from Paris to Arizona and watched half a season of GoT. Why? Because it was provided by the airline. If it bothers her so much she could switch seats with her child so they can’t see."

"NTA. As a person who has chosen not to have kids, I feel like people with kids are always expecting us to accommodate them because of their choice to procreate. It's so freaking annoying. Also, these people are the same people letting their damn kid blast "Baby Effing Shark" 10,000 times on repeat without earbuds on the plane."

Perhaps Just Watch It At Home

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However, others thought that the original poster should watch a show like Game of Thrones in the privacy of his own home.

"YTA. This is one of those cases where being kind and considerate would have made you kind and considerate, and disregarding other people for your own reasons makes you selfish and inconsiderate. I personally would agree that as a rule, in public, people shouldn't watch gory/sexual content out in the open."

"YTA. It’s common sense not to watch sexually explicit shows in public."

"YTA. Don't watch porn in public places, no matter how critically-acclaimed said porn is."

However, perhaps the person pointing out that no one looks good here is correct.

"ESH [Everyone Sucks Here]. It's not considerate to watch a show like this in public. Not just because of kids, but many adults are bothered by violence, as well. However...the parent should have tried to fix the situation (maybe with a blanket as others have suggested) or approached you in a more polite way rather than demanding that you turn it off."

What do you think? Would you handle the situation differently?

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