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'American Horror Story: 1984' Labeled 'Snoozefest' After Season Premiere

By Whitney Vasquez

The "American Horror Story" fandom has spoken and its not into "1984."

During the season 9 premiere of "AHS: 1984" on Wednesday, fans wasted no time slamming the slasher-themed show.

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Snoozefest, Really?


"AHS" has a huge cult-like following, so Ryan Murphy might want to listen up to what fans are saying on Twitter.

Many of them were unimpressed with last night's first episode.

"First episode of #AHS84 was a bit of a snoozefest for me tbh. Dragging out the same old horror tropes and cliches isn't going to keep me interested," one person wrote.



The show is supposed to pay homage to cheaply made horror movies like "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" from the decade, but that might not be enough to keep viewers invested.

"#AHS84 was so bad it has to be on purpose??? pls tell me this is all joke," a twitter user wrote.

But not everyone's giving up hope.

"Thoughts about #AHS84 : so far, some things are a little cheesy (which I get is the point) and not my fav season but I also said that about Roanoke and I ate my words real quick," stated another. "I will say, I can no longer watch that show by myself in an empty house pls help."

Gus Kenworthy's Performance:


It's not just the theme that has fans saying "ugh," but some are critiquing newcomer Gus Kenworthy as well.

Fans unleashed on Olympic skier after he made his series debut as Chet Clancy.

"Is anyone really suprised at how terrible at acting Gus Kentworthy was? I mean even in his sport interviews he's dull. Like watching paint dry," a hater wrote.

"I feel like I’m watching a bad gay porn. Gs Knworthy is a horrible actor," someone else chimed in.

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