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'AGT' Judge Howie Mandel Show Up To Work In FULL Hazmat Suit And Gas Mask!

By Mike Walters

Howie Mandel just took preparing for the Coronavirus to a whole new level, after he showed up for a taping of 'America's Got Talent' wearing an entire hazmat suit, gas mask and all! You have to see these photos!

We would expect the famous germaphobe to be extra careful when entering a room full of people this week, but we were thinking some extra hand sanitizer or maybe even a small mask.

But, Howie decided to completely shut himself off from the outside world, and protect his whole body from possible infection.

The photos look like scene from 'Outbreak!'

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See The Photos Of Howie In His Coronavirus Suit!


As you can see in the pictures, Howie arrived to the set on Tuesday afternoon fully decked out in a hazmat suit. The show films its episodes in Pasadena, CA. Just to be clear, this is not in any location that has confirmed cases of the virus.

It's unclear if Mandel kept the threads on during the tapings of the show, or if it was just for the cameras. But, knowing Simon Colwell this looks like a perfect opportunity for good television.

Wait...Where Is The Air Filter?!


Ok, wait a minute....this get-up is a one-way ticket to Coronavirus town! The end of his hose isn't even hooked up to any type of air filter...

You may have guessed it, this is a cool gag he is pulling on producers of the show, or maybe on his judging partners. But, he had us fooled for a minute!

Mandel is well known for his tendencies to not want to shake hands or touch anyone. In fact, Howie is credited with bringing back the fist bump!

This Is Not Going To Work, But The Costume Is GREAT!


The famous germaphobe has been open about his struggles with OCD and ADHD saying in a past interview, "For me, there is no cure. I will always have to manage symptoms and develop coping skills. I take medication and I do psychotherapy, but I won’t tell you the specifics of my treatment. People might read it and think, “Well, that works for Howie. I’m gonna take that and I’m going to do that.”

We can't wait to see how this plays out on the show, 'America’s Got Talent' season 15 will premiere this coming summer on NBC.

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