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'ANTM' Adrianne Curry Says She's Removing Her Breast Implants

By Gary Trock

Adrianne Curry-Rhode, the winner of the very first season of "America's Next Top Model," has made a big decision. The model revealed she is going to have her breast implants removed after claiming they've caused her an immense amount of pain. Curry-Rhode took to Instagram Monday afternoon to explain her decision.

"My implants have been served their eviction notice! I just booked my surgery date with @florencemussatmd . I am DONE with these painful, misshapen things! They looked good in clothes, hideous out of them. They hurt, and even this picture I was in pain. Lifting my arms is limited since doing this to my body. I am on my way to correct this idiotic decision I made when I lived in a sea of shallow vanity and immense narcissism."


She continued about what her expectations are post-surgery.

"Once this is done, I will be free. No surgical alterations. No fillers or botox. I will simply be who I was intended to be. My hope is all these mysterious rashes and illnesses vanish after I get these out. I was a healthy specimen prior. I am no doctor, but my auto immune issues started AFTER I got them. The hives, the rashes...fatigue...and of course. Physical pain from cramming a foreign object in my body."

She also told fans to "Be yourself."

She Credits Her Current Husband for Helping


Curry-Rhode gives a shoutout to her husband, Matthew Rhode, for helping her make the life-altering decision to go under the knife, and explains that she previously wanted her implants out but couldn't go through with it.

"I wanted them put [sic] on 2013....I was too insecure. I let my husband, he pushed me to do it. I was afraid. We were only dating. Then, I was going to...and instead, had to have an emergency myomectomy. I was SO scared to get another procedure with a long healing time!! So finally, after @ducksauce and I got married...he asked "So, are you finally going to get rid of those fucking things?" . After a lot of reassuring...I went in this summer for an appointment...and decided early 2020 would be best. It's a SLOW business time for me on Avon Sales, anyway."

Fans Are Supportive


37-year-old Curry-Rhode is getting lots of love and support from fans after explaining how important it was to have her implants taken out.

One fan wondered, "That's awesome and I hope it goes well. Are you going to go office space on them once they're out?"

Another added, "oh no!!! I hope you’re ok! Glad you are getting it taken care of. I remember years ago you saying they were hurting you.....Good luck!"

The former reality star also responded to many fans questioning her reasoning to get her implants taken out, and Curry-Rhode strongly believes implants are linked to a growing epidemic of health diseases.

"the fda has lied to women and they are dying from their implants. Believing them about anything else....I dunno. I cant believe liars. Stage 4 lymphoma directly linked to ONLY implants the fda lied and said were safe."

Curry-Rhode did not reveal the exact date of her surgery, but will surely update fans as she goes through the process.

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