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Some Sicko Bought Hitler's Wife's Panties for Thousands of Dollars

By Gary Trock

Of all the gross historical items that get sold at auction, somebody just paid actual money to own a pair of Eva Braun's used panties.

The pair of silk pink underwear were embroidered with the wife of Adolf Hitler's initials, and were part of a private European WWII collection.


They were sold by Humbert and Ellis Auctioneers in Towcester in the UK to an anonymous telephone bidder.


The final price was around $4,600, and the "winner" also paid an extra $3,200 for one of Braun's white lace nighties.

When asked by the BBC why people would want to own the distasteful Nazi memorabilia, Northamptonshire auctioneer Jonathan Humbert said, "There continues to be a perennial interest in personal artifacts from such notorious high-level World War Two figures and accordingly such items, even without provenance, command high prices."


Along with the undergarments, a gold-plated bracelet, which was presented by Hitler to Hermann Goring's wife, was sold for around $2,000.

The bracelet has been dated back to 1938, and features a locket with a Swastika that opens up to reveal a picture of Hitler.


Selling Nazi memorabilia is not illegal, although it is looked upon poorly and many in the historical community have called on sellers to stop making sales on their collections.

Last year, Facebook came under criticism when Nazi relics were being sold through the Facebook Marketplace.

The items, including an SS badge and a Nazi military cross, were later removed after it was determined the they violated the site's community standards, which prevent the sale of anything deemed offensive.

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