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Uncut Gems Could Be His Golden Opportunity

Actor and comedian Adam Sandler has been generating quite the Oscar buzz with his latest movie, the upcoming drama Uncut Gems.

According to a review in joblo:

"No one could have predicted that sandwiched between his Netflix comedies, he’d opt to do a frenetic indie crime thriller that’s so far outside of what we’d expect from him."

He Can Do Funny and Dramatic


Sandler's been in other serious movies before, like Punch Drunk Love and The Meyerowitz Stories, but his performance in Uncut Gems has reminded people that Sandler can play serious roles just as well as funny roles.

Taking the Good With the Bad


And he's had plenty of funny roles to go around, like The Water Boy, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy and Billy Madison. Though he's been in a lot of memorable movies, he's had some stinkers too, like That's My Boy and _Grown Ups 2.

So we know he can get the job done either way.

But We Can't Take Another Bad Sandler Movie


Joblo says that Sandler claims his next movie is guaranteed to be a bad one if he doesn't get an Oscar, or at least get nominated for one this time.

The Independent says Sandler will make it "so bad on purpose." If he wins, he says it will be a "funny big thing."

Please, give him an Oscar. We know that other eligible contenders like Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix and Christian Bale don't need the award as much as Sandler and the rest of us do.

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