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Adam Sandler Says His Sex Life With Wife Is Booming!

By Whitney Vasquez

Adam Sandler is enjoying being trapped at home because his sex life has never been better! The "Happy Gilmore" actor openly discussed his bedroom behavior with his wife, Jackie Sandler, while talking to Conan O’Brien on Tuesday, March 31 as part of the talk show host's #ConanAtHome series. In a video uploaded to YouTube, Adam Sandler dished that the duo has been “fooling around a lot more” and they've been “very experimental” as of late. The "Big Daddy" star revealed even more intimate details about their sex life, telling Conan O'Brien his wife has come up with a few new moves that have been driving him wild.

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She's Blowing His Mind:


“She showed me this new thing the other night that was bananas," Adam Sandler dished before explaining, "You hold yourself up, your wife is laying beneath you, and you do the moves! I was like, ‘What is happening?’” To no one's surprise, Conan O'Brien remained very engaged while Adam Sandler encouraged the talk show host and all the viewers to try the diabolical sex move at home. Comparing it to working out, the "Uncut Gems" star described it as “basically, a pushup position, or a plank, as you like to do, and then it’s a lot of hipping and gipping."

Conan's Reaction Was Priceless!


Adam Sandler continued, “If you can do a 20-second plank, you can do this.” While Conan O'Brien was clearly into the actor's idea, he said that wouldn't work between him and his wife. "My wife thinks we should stay 6 feet apart," he said before joking, "She's been saying that since Obama's first term." Adam Sandler and his wife tied the knot in 2003. They are parents to two daughters, Sadie, 13, and Sunny, 11, and don't be surprised if you see them on the big screen someday.

Their Daughters Will Be Embarrassed:


“They like it,” the "Saturday Night Live" actor said during an interview in January. "They like watching it, and they like talking about acting. But we’ll see. They’re still little kids, but they both like watching films." Adam Sandler said his daughters "like comedy, serious stuff, Stranger Things," while adding they are just like their daddy. "They’re funny kids," he said. Conan O'Brien is just one of the late-night hosts producing content from home at the moment since the stay at home order came into play.

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