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Bartlet, Whitmore and Meyer Top Our Favorite Fictitious Presidents!

By TheBlast Staff

Happy President's Day!

The national holiday is held on the third Monday of February every year and is sort of an amalgam holiday for the birthdays of President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln (both were born in February.) At some point, people threw Thomas Jefferson into the mix and now no one really knows which Prez we're celebrating.

In that vein, we've decided to celebrate our most honorable (and not so honorable) fake Commanders in Chief who have walked into the Oval Office on-screen.

The list is in no particular order because we couldn't decide on our top choice between Bill Pullman and Martin Sheen.

(JK, it's Martin Sheen.)

1. Martin Sheen "The West Wing" President Jed Bartlet

The American Dream Team: Jed, CJ, Toby, Josh, Sam, Leo and Charlie


1a. Jimmy Smits "The West Wing" President Matt Santos

Still bummed they didn't dance at the Inaugural Ball to "You Can Leave Your Hat On"


2. Jamie Foxx "White House Down" President James Sawyer

TBH, he probably didn't even need Channing Tatum - he could have stopped the bad guys with his smooth, buttery voice.


3. Jack Nicholson "Mars Attacks" President James Dale

His Presidental speech about aliens was not Bill Pullman level ...


4. Harrison Ford "Air Force One" President James Marshall

Get off my plane!


5. Bill Pullman "Independence Day" President Thomas J. Whitmore

Annihilation never sounded so good.


6. John Travolta "Primary Colors" President Jack Stanton

Ok, it's not totally fair to call him a faux President.


7. Billy Bob Thornton in "Love Actually"

President Creep


8. Mark Harmon "Chasing Liberty" President James Foster

One of our first tastes of the amazingness that is Mandy Moore, the actress.


9. Dennis Quaid "American Dreamz" President Staton

Guys, this is an underrated classic. Again, Mandy Moore


10. Michael Keaton "First Daughter" President Mackenzie

We definitely wanted to be Katie Holmes.


11. Morgan Freeman "Deep Impact" President Beck

After leading the country through a near catastrophe, he was promoted to God.


12. Julia Louis-Dreyfus "Veep" President Selena Meyer

Well, that didn't last long.


13. Danny Glover "2012" President Thomas Wilson

Little did we know, the apocalypse would actually happen in 2016. We kid! We kid! Sorta.


14. Geena Davis "Commander in Chief" President Mackenzie Allen

Sadly the show about the first woman President didn't last a full term.


15. Michael Douglas "The American President" President Andrew Shepherd

We really hope he and Sydney Ellen Wade were the real deal.


16a. Dennis Haysbert "24" President David Palmer

We always felt like we were in good hands - (see what we did there?)


16b. Cherry Jones, "24" President Allison Taylor

Love a strong woman President but it was hard to compete with Jack Bauer.


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