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More Dirt Being Flung

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The problems continue for ABC and its on-air employees, as more reports have surfaced about the once-private backstage drama relating to Abby Huntsman's quick departure from "The View."

This week, Huntsman announced she was leaving the ABC talk show, saying she wanted to help her father, Jon Huntsman Jr., in his run for governor of Utah.

According to Huntsman's statement, she was only thinking about her family.

"Family has always been my number one priority, and is where I need to be focused at this time. We are incredibly close and are there to support and help each other when it matters. It’s not often there is a political campaign that involves someone you love and believe in, but this is one of them."

Why Didn't McCain Leave 'The View'?

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But it's also becoming evident that there's much more to the story. An insider source at ABC spoke to The Daily Mail, saying it was a combination of things: that Huntsman had no chemistry with the rest of the talk show's hosts, that the audience was kind of lukewarm toward her, and because her friendship with Megan McCain had kind of cooled off.

According to the source:

"Abby was added to the show without chemistry-testing with the other women mainly because she had a prior relationship with Meghan McCain and ABC was desperate to make Meghan appear more likeable.

But it didn't take execs long to realize that Abby talked a lot, but she never really said anything. Her points and opinions never really landed with the audience because it often lacked substance."

No One's Really Sure


Sources used words like "soured," and "not as close" to describe the current relationship between Huntsman and McCain, when the two used to be "ride or die."

As a result, ABC executives were apparently looking to get rid of Huntsman by transitioning her out from "The View," but she beat them to the punch and left on her own.

'Most Vicious Swamp In the Business'

The whole thing just serves as an example of the toxic culture that continues to bubble at ABC.

Fox News is citing a "longtime media executive familiar with the inner workings of ABC News," who says:

“ABC News is the nastiest, most vicious swamp in the business – so of course it leaks like a sieve. That’s a symptom of rock-bottom morale."

Page Six cites “an insider familiar with Huntsman’s thinking,” to report that Huntsman going to work for her dad is simply a coverup for what is “an unhealthy environment," adding that Huntsman had complained about the culture at ABC.

Let's Get It On Record

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Also, The Daily Beast claims Huntsman wasn't complying with ABC's requests for her to defend the network as the ugly reports surfaced about working there.

So to wrap up, no one is going on the record and everyone is citing sources to describe the leaky atmosphere at ABC.

Certainly more transparency is needed if we're going to get to the bottom of why it's allegedly such a nasty place to work.

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