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A Decision To Exit

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Abby Huntsman announced on Monday that she will be leaving The View, claiming that she wants to help her father Jon Huntsman during his campaign for Governor of Utah. She let the audience know during Monday afternoon's show, saying:

"This is always such a hard thing to do. And especially this table because this is a really special table. The most iconic show I think on television and the smartest women that I've ever worked with. But today I'm saying goodbye."

A Strained Relationship With Meghan McCain

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It was a shocking decision to people behind the scenes, but a source tells CNN that Huntsman's increasingly strained relationship with Meghan McCain was a major contributor to her decision to leave. McCain, who has struggled with infertility, took issue with Huntsman's frequent mention of her children. The source explained:

"Abby was sick of being berated by Meghan for perceived slights. She ultimately decided she didn't need this job and it wasn't worth it."

McCain has long been the source of conflict both on air and behind the scenes of The View, so plenty of people are asking: why isn't McCain the one to leave?

People Are Annoyed That McCain Is Still Around

People are expressing their displeasure that McCain is still around on Twitter. Her lack of nuance and combative presence is starting to have an adverse effect on The View. What a messy situation.

"Abby Huntsman really flourishes as a panelist when Meghan McCain isn’t there to derail the conversation with Alt Right Trumplican talking points #TheView"

"So Abby Huntsman is leaving #TheView to help her dad Jon Huntsman win the governorship in Utah, but Meghan McCain stays. This sucks. Got it."

Is 'The View' Too Contentious?

The View has more and more in fighting with each passing year, and McCain always seems to be at the center. How many more hosts will she drive away?

"In other words Meghan McCain throws a tantrum and becomes a raging ass behind the scenes and Abby Huntsman takes the highroad and leaves the View (this is just what I think happened lol)"

"Why is the logical conservative voice leaving, and the spoiled brat staying?"

"Welp, Abby Huntsman is leaving #TheView. Hopefully Meghan McCain is next! 🤞🏾"

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