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Aaron Paul Drops Major Hint About 'Breaking Bad' Movie, 'El Camino'

By Gary Trock

Jesse Pinkman is cooking up something big in the next installment in the "Breaking Bad" franchise, and now fans are starting to put together what the future holds for the meth cook with a heart of gold.

After news broke that an upcoming movie for Netflix had already been filmed, Aaron Paul confirmed that "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie" was the real deal.

"Wait, I thought there was only Mezcal on the horizon? I’m so confused. Oh wait, got it. I understand now. It’s about patience. I guess there is a movie happening after all? Didn’t realize I could talk about it. I guess I can. Thanks New York Times for blowing up this 'secret,' the star wrote on Twitter.

On Sunday, Paul, who played co-star Pinkman alongside Bryan Cranston's legendary depiction of Walter White, followed up with a big hint about what's in store for the character.

He tweeted out, "Cats out of the bag...and the bag is in the river. Here’s a moment from Breaking Bad to slowly prepare you all for what’s to come."

The scene is a pivotal one, obviously towards the end of the series, featuring White and Pinkman facing off about the entirety of their relationship.


In the end, White admits that Pinkman's meth cook is just as good as his own.

The end of the series sees Pinkman eventually riding off into the sunset, one of the few characters in the show who was actually left with the possibility of a thriving future.

So, it seems now that Pinkman is the only meth cook around who knows the epic formula to Blue Sky, there's a good chance he's back in business.

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