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Aaron Carter's Ex, Melanie Martin, Says He's A 'Cockroach' After Ditching Her For New Girlfriend

By Whitney Vasquez

Aaron Carter's ex-girlfriend, Melanie Martin, is hitting below the belt, calling the singer one of the vilest termites on the planet. His blonde bombshell former babe came out swinging after the singer's new girlfriend, Viktoria Alexeeva, came for her. As The Blast reported, his rebound chick accused Melanie Martin of harassing her with Caller ID blocked phone calls and took to Instagram on Monday to Melanie Martin on blast.

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Harassment Claims:


Viktoria, who has only been dating Aaron Carter for a few weeks, posted several screenshots of her call log with many of them displaying "No Caller ID." Taking to her Instagram, the real estate agent wrote, "Melanie stop blowing up my phone please. This is what I wake up to every day for the last month." While Melanie Martin didn't deny making the phone calls, she didn't admit to it either. Instead of shooting down Viktoria's accusations, she went after her famous ex.

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Melanie Throws Out Insults:


In a post on her Instagram Story that has since been deleted, Melanie Martin called Aaron Carter a "cockroach." Showcasing a picture of a dead cockroach laying on his back inside her new place, the singer's baby mama slammed him by writing, "How'd my ex get in my house!?!" Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin's relationship has been a turbulent one, riddled with domestic violence allegations as well as cheating accusations. According to Melanie, he two-timed her and while the singer denied he cheated, his new relationship timeline doesn't help his cause.

Cheating Allegations:


Aaron Carter got back together with Melanie last month and within one week, he announced they were expecting their first child, broke up, and made his debut with his brand new girlfriend. While Melanie admitted she was "heartbroken" at first, her misery turned to anger. Weeks later, she aired out all their dirty laundry about their breakup and his new relationship with Viktoria. Claiming she had "no notice of the relationship ending," Melanie Martin spilled the tea by stating, "he decided to give up and move on with another girl 8 hours after me while knowing what our future would have been." That's when she dropped the hammer, adding that Aaron Carter "ran away from responsibility."

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