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Aaron Carter's Ex Melanie Martin Flaunts Bikini Body After Breakup

By Whitney Vasquez

Aaron Carter's ex-girlfriend is showing the singer what he's missing weeks after their breakup. Melanie Martin jumped at the first chance she got to slip into a teeny tiny swimsuit for a day on the water. Dressing her sensational curves into a skin-tight bright pink one-piece, the blonde bombshell flashed her cleavage and hips with several cutouts. She does not appear to be sporting a baby bump just yet, despite announcing that she's expecting and showing off her sonogram earlier this month.

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Their Messy Breakup:


Slipping into the fashionable swimwear, Melanie Martin panned the camera down showing off her ample cleavage, tight tummy, and thighs in a sizzling Instagram video on Sunday, May 17. Wearing oversized sunglasses and a smile, it appears her breakup from the "Hard To Løvë" singer is the furthest thing from her mind, despite saying she was "heartbroken" after their split. Many fans are showing love to the model for her bold bikini video with one person claiming it's a clap back to Aaron Carter's new girlfriend, Viktoria Alexeeva's diss.

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The Unbelievable Bikini Video:


According to one fan, the singer's rebound lady, that he's been only seeing for a few weeks, recently fat-shamed Melanie Martin. It appears they are referring to a post over the weekend showing Viktoria cuddled up to Aaron Carter and using a "Winnie-the-Pooh" caption where she references Piglet. "What Viktoria said about you was completely uncalled for. I’m sorry. Nobody should fat shame anyone," the person wrote on Melanie Martin's stunning swimwear video. While no one else seemed to catch on, the singer's ex did and replied back to the comment by simply writing, "lol."

Did Viktoria Fat Shame Her?


Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin's relationship was a turbulent one with domestic violence allegations and cheating accusations. After their breakup, she insisted he had strayed and while he denied he cheated, the singer immediately moved on to another relationship with Viktoria which didn't help his cause. Since then, he's been flaunting his new romance all over social media. As for Melanie Martin, she's moved on too. She recently called him a "clown" after claiming he "ran away from responsibility" and has already made the moves to get Aaron Carter's name removed from her wrist. As for the star, he's still sporting "Melanie" across his forehead but, according to Viktoria, he won't be for long.

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