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Aaron Carter Exposes Sexual Assault Investigation Against Brother Nick Carter

Gettyimages | Jean-Paul Aussenard
By Mike Walters

The feud between Aaron Carter and brother 'Backstreet Boys' star Nick Carter just took a nasty turn after Aaron exposed a 2006 sexual assault criminal investigation involving his brother.

Aaron took to Twitter early Thursday morning, after details of the restraining order filed by Nick against Aaron were made public. Nick was granted a restraining order after he claimed Aaron 'hears voices in his head' and has threatened to kill his pregnant wife.

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So, Aaron posted a copy of a 2006 police report from Key West, Florida outlining and accusing Nick of sexual assault. In the report, the assault allegedly took place at a house party where Nick and a male friend invited two girls from Wisconsin to fly out and hang with them in Florida.

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A narrative of the incident says, the woman and her cousin flew to Florida with "plane tickets provided by Nick Carter."

Once arriving, one woman claims Nick pulled her pants down to take "a picture of her ass" -- saying at the time "this made her uncomfortable" but she "shrugged it off."

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In the report, the girl then says around midnight, Nick and a male friend tried to initiate sexual contact with her but she "resisted" telling the male friend "she had a boyfriend. Then she claims, "Carter approached her, unbuttoned her jeans and slid his had into her underpants, inserting his finger into her vagina, commenting, " you're lying you are not a virgin."

Later in the night, the alleged victim explained "Carter walked into the bathroom, exposed his penis then grabbed her on the shoulders and directed her mouth onto his penis. After Carter inserted his penis in (her) mouth, he realized she was crying and removed it."

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The woman claimed she contacted members of her family about what had occurred, and the following morning she "was so upset, she went to the airpot trying to get a flight back home. Once home she decided to file a complaint"

According to the narrative, investigators met with the alleged victim in a Wisconsin hospital to question her about the assault that took place in Florida. Eventually, the case was transferred to Key West where the incident took place.

It appears Nick was never charged with a crime, and according to reports, Nick's lawyers say the woman was trying to "extort" Nick for a undisclosed amount of money.

We've reached out to Nick's attorney, so far not comment.

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Nick and Aaron have been brutally feuding for days now, after Nick filed the restraining order against Aaron. Aaron has been publicly blasting his brother about not attending the funeral of their dead sister, and not supporting his family.

Aaron recently revealed he struggles from mental illness, but his brother thinks he is dangerous and may act out some of the threats he is making of violence against Nick and his family.

Exposing the sexual assault police report filed against Nick is just the latest shot fired at the 'Backstreet Boys' star and the war doesn't look like it is ending anytime soon.

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