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Aaron Carter Fights With Backstreet Boys Fans After Attacking Brother Nick Carter

Gettyimages | Jean-Paul Aussenard
By Mike Walters

Aaron Carter started attacking his brother, Nick Carter, online this morning and he is now at war with Backstreet Boys fans.

The "I Want Candy" singer is going off on Twitter about several subjects including his disgust for Nick after he claims the singer allegedly turned his back on him and the rest of their family.

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Aaron specifically called out Nick for missing the funeral of their late sister Leslie.

"Nick started it by using his families shortcomings for profit when he wrote a book. Also he didn’t even show up at our sisters FUNERAL because he had a concert at a bar two hours away and said he didn’t want to be apart of family drama when we were burying our sister Leslie," he fumed.

Aaron was recently on "The Doctor's" and revealed he is bipolar and schizophrenic. During the interview, he also described his prescription medication regiment, along with his mother's issues.

But during his rant several commenters started to call Aaron out for attacking his brother and airing the family's dirty laundry.

"Why are you airing out your family’s dirty laundry? Come on," one person protested.

Aaron lashed out by responding to the fan, "Let me guess .... you’re a die hRd backstreet fan. Congrats. You go ahead and let your 'idol' slam and air out his families dirty Landry and get back to me on how that would make you feel."

The singer is continuing to argue and respond to anyone questioning him.

Another common theme is Aaron alleging Nick doesn't help their mother or put their family first.

"It’s family that should come first. Especially your mother NICK I get that you’re about to have another kid so I’ll let this rest but you got my number you can call me, I’m sure one of your appointees are going to relay the message since I blocked you," he wrote.

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