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Aaron Carter Faces Backlash After Calling New Girlfriend His 'Wife'

By Whitney Vasquez

Aaron Carter's fans are warning the singer to slow down with his new relationship after he used the word "wife" to describe Melanie Martin instead of calling her his girlfriend. Days after making their romance Instagram official, Aaron Carter took to his social media to tell fans, "Apparently the wife is coming over tonight 🦁start counting down the days." Revealing the news on his Instagram story last night, he posted a sexy snap of his girlfriend and wrote, "She misses me trust me."

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What Fans Are Saying:


Fans immediately took to Twitter to air out their frustrations and worries that Aaron Carter is moving too fast with Melanie Martin. They are also questioning the state of his mental health at the moment. "Aaron needs to open his eyes, always choosing hoes who can’t be trusted instead of giving real woman a chance. Wait...... He doesn’t deserve a real woman in his life right now! He needs help!" one fan wrote. "he writes apparently wife coming over tonight start counting the days “. Why so we cna help him count his money ?!" another added.

Going IG Official:


As The Blast reported, Aaron Carter went public with their relationship over the weekend and fans went wild over his Bulgarian bartending girlfriend. Many immediately questioned Melanie Martin's motives for dating the "Hard To LøVë" singer. "Yeah this relationship Is not gonna last long like the other one," one person commented on the photo. "It’s all fake 🤷🏽‍♀️ wow that’s sad," added another. "Are we meant to believe this isn’t a paid transaction my guy?" wrote a third. Others were quick to judge Aaron Carter's girlfriend based on her looks, calling the blonde bombshell "plastic."

Haters Slams Her Over Plastic Surgery:


"Nice? Who? Plastic girl? Ah ok," one person wrote. "She looks like a constipated lion with all that plastic surgery. 😂 I mean, can she even move her face?" added another. "She has a great body but she looks 50 in the face," shared a third. Others insinuated she may be a prostitute. "How much you paying her?" asked one person. "How much was she?" questioned another. Aaron Carter's girlfriend later defended herself and told fans that her butt was "100 percent Bulgarian booty bitch."

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