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Aaron Carter's New Girlfriend Pleads With Cyberbullies To Stop Attacking Her

By Whitney Vasquez

Aaron Carter's girlfriend is speaking out against cyberbullies and begging them to leave her alone. Ever since the "Hard To LøVë" singer went public with his new relationship, Melanie Martin has been a target of hate with his fans calling her "plastic" and suggesting she may be a prostitute. Besides attacking her looks and profession, they have also questioned if her intentions are pure with the troubled singer and insinuated she is just dating him to gain clout.

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Addressing The Cyberbullies:


While Melanie Martin has only addressed the haters once prior to this, she is now pleading with Aaron Carter's loyal fanbase to leave her alone. Taking to her Instagram story, his blonde bartending girlfriend addressed her cyberbullies on Tuesday. Posting a picture while on the open road, Melanie Martin's message was loud and clear. "Stop the bullying," she demanded. Aaron Carter's girlfriend then turned the table on haters and asked them, "Would you want your children to be cyber bullied [sic]?"

Aaron's Getting Bullied Too:


Continuing with her strong statement, the singer's new love said she was "so disgusted" with everyone throwing shade at her. Melanie Martin is not the only one in their relationship getting flak from fans. Aaron Carter recently clapped back at trolls who accused him of using drugs on social media. They also attacked his weight and questioned his sexuality. While the singer is fighting his own cyberbullies, Melanie Martin has been the central focus of all the attacks.

What They've Been Saying:


When Aaron Carter first introduced her as his girlfriend, fans questioned his mental state and warned him about going too fast with their relationship. After he called Melanie Martin his "wife," fans freaked out. "Yeah this relationship Is not gonna last long like the other one," one person responded. "She's ALL plastic," stated another. "Are we meant to believe this isn’t a paid transaction my guy?" questioned a third. Melanie Martin hasn't just sat there and taken it. She flipped the script and said not everything about her is "plastic."

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