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Justin Bieber Claps Back at Aaron Carter's 'Pave the Way' Comment

By Gary Trock

Justin Bieber couldn't sit idly by while Aaron Carter claims to have paved the way for his career, and he jumped into the singer's comments to give him a piece of his mind.

Underneath a photo that Carter had captioned, "Come at me bruh," Bieber did just that.

"Bold move with the face tats I respect it," JB wrote in the comments. He then added, "But the paved the way thing is hmmm."

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The "I Don't Care" singer clearly has an issue with the comments Carter made on the upcoming season of "Marriage Bootcamp: Family Edition," after his mother claimed Carter did not work as hard as the Canadian pop star.

"I paved the way for that kid ... he copied my hairstyle!" the "I Want Candy" singer exclaimed after his mother, Jane, made the comment.

She ended up giving in to his irate behavior and admitting that Bieber "copied everything about you!"

However, after JB questioned Carter on the notion, he quickly jumped into damage control mode:

"@justinbieber you are you're own entity and identity I've said it everywhere and also said my love album was inspired by some of your tracked and the paved the way thing hmmm ... I'm in construction little bro and now I'm moving to your country. I enjoy the people there [sic] way better and Justin proved it. PERIOD. It's all Love."

Moving to Canada


It seems Carter is trying to smooth things over with Bieber, possibly because he's now planning on calling Canada his home ... where Bieber is a national treasure.

As we reported, Carter claimed he purchased a "castle" in the Great White North after claims of wanting to move to Nova Scotia.

He posted a photo on social media standing in front of an impressive looking property and explaining, "it’s 9,000 square feet and 8 bedrooms a REC ROOM, THOT TUB, a STUDY a fire place [sic] in every room. It comes with free maple syrup 4Life maple on tap."

Maybe Bieber will show up at the housewarming party?

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