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Aaron Carter's Ex, Melanie Martin, Says His New Girlfriend Is 'Unstable & Dangerous'

By Whitney Vasquez

Aaron Carter's ex, Melanie Martin, is shooting down claims that she's harassing his new girlfriend and says they are actually the ones being the aggressors. Earlier this week, Viktoria Alexeeva, who's been dating the singer for only a few weeks, accused Melanie of calling her phone numerous times using a Caller ID blocked number. Putting his former flame on blast, Viktoria told her followers that the blocked numbers were from Aaron Carter's ex. The Blast spoke with Melanie Martin who told us she's put her ex and his rebound girl in her rearview but his "unstable" girlfriend won't leave her alone.

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Melanie Speaks Out:


Melanie says she's ready to move on with her life without Aaron but his new girlfriend is making it tough. According to Melanie, Viktoria is "unstable and dangerous" which she claims to have seen firsthand when she went to collect her things from the singer's home after their breakup. Melanie tells The Blast that when she showed up to retrieve her stuff, Viktoria began acting aggressively towards her. The situation got so scary that Aaron's bodyguard had to hold his girlfriend back so she wouldn't attack Melanie. She also tells us that Viktoria has been the one reaching out to her on Instagram and her messages got so vile that she was forced to block her.

Viktoria's Beef With Melanie:


Fans have pointed out Viktoria's issues with Melanie run deep. They recently said she crossed a line when she fat-shamed Melanie in an Instagram Live video. There's also a clip of Viktoria claiming she pimped Melanie out in the past. According to Melanie, she wants to put this chapter in her life behind her. She thinks they are both "unstable" and she "doesn't want to be associated" with either of them. Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin broke up at the end of April. Their relationship was a turbulent one, riddled with domestic violence allegations as well as cheating accusations.

Aaron & Melanie's Breakup:


According to Melanie, he two-timed her. The singer denied he cheated but his new romance doesn't help his cause. While Melanie admitted she was "heartbroken" at first, her sadness quickly went away. Weeks later, she aired out their dirty laundry about their breakup and his new relationship with Viktoria. Claiming she had "no notice of the relationship ending," Melanie Martin spilled the tea by stating, "he decided to give up and move on with another girl 8 hours after me while knowing what our future would have been."

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