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Aaron Carter Hits Back at Drug Accusations By Taking Pee Test

By Whitney Vasquez

Aaron Carter is taking drastic measures to debunk rumors he's back on drugs.

The "Sooner or Later" singer took a drug test and shared the results on social media early Thursday morning.

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The Pee Test:

Filming himself in his bathroom, Aaron explained the test detects amphetamines, meth, cocaine, MDMA, opioids, PCP and THC.

Peeing into the cup as the camera roles, Nick Carter's little brother was responding to a story written yesterday which claimed there was white powder on his credit card in a video.

Pleading "STOP WRITING LIES ABOUT ME," Aaron desperately tried to prove naysayers wrong.

The Results:

Five minutes later he showed the results.

Holding up the test, it showed double lines for everything except THC.

"Negative means two lines, one means preliminary positive," Aaron explained. "I only tested positive for THC. This is my nasty ass dehydrated piss, so please shut the f--- up and stop what you're doing."

His Struggle:

He then directed his anger at the publication.

"You have 24 hours to delete your post," he stated. "I don't deserve to have to put myself in a position where I have to prove myself."

Aaron has struggled with drug use in the past and revealed he was addicted to pain killers.

Past Drug Issues:

Aaron opened up about his struggle on "The Doctors" and took a drug test on the show in 2017.

The results showed he tested negative for cocaine and meth, but positive for a combination of drugs including THC, Benzodiazepines, Xanax, opiates, and hydrocodone."

Mental Health Concerns:


Aaron's fans have been concerned with his mental state after he made disturbing sexual assault accusations against his brother, Nick.

The Backstreet Boy hit back by getting a restraining order against his little brother saying Aaron is mentally ill and "thinks about killing babies."

He also stated that Aaron "has thought about killing my wife, Lauren. Lauren is now pregnant, and I fear for our unborn child."

Aaron then got a face tattoo.

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