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Aaron Carter Exposes 'Clout Chaser' Celina Powell, Says Groupie Threatened Him

By TheBlast Staff

Aaron Carter is calling out infamous rap groupie Celina Powell after she allegedly threatened to release his personal information following a strange encounter at the singer's home.

The two were rumored to be dating until Carter exposed Powell on Twitter with a slew of messy DMs he'd received from her. The Blast spoke with the musician, who stressed the two were anything but an item.

For those unfamiliar, Powell is a well-established groupie/social media personality best known for admitting to faking a paternity test to claim Offset fathered her non-existent baby. Powell also will seemingly be appearing on Snoop Dogg's upcoming show, "Clout Chasers," after she accused the rapper of cheating on his wife with her.

Carter tweeted a screenshot Wednesday night, tagging the LAPD and Powell, that showed her threatening to post his phone number and address. The DM followed several unanswered messages from Powell where she inquired about an ex-girlfriend, told him she "wanted to be with him" and asked why he had changed his number after cutting her off.

Aaron Carter

Aaron beat Celina to the punch, posting his number before she could. He tweeted one more screenshot of Powell saying "Hope you have visitors soon," captioning the tweet, "Threats won't be taken lightly."

We spoke with AC who says while he didn't contact authorities, he wanted her to know it is illegal to threaten to have someone show up at their home in hopes she would leave him alone, adding that they never dated.

As for what really happened, Carter says they only met in person one time before things soured. He explains, "She kept DMing me, eventually I let her come over to my house."

He says he got the feeling she was using him for attention when she put his chain on, took a photo and posted it to Instagram claiming she had stolen it.

The artist, who is currently on tour, also says Celina called him by his full name and sang "I Want Candy" around his home – the situation escalated to the point where Aaron felt it necessary to ask her to leave his home.

The singer emphasized while he "doesn't have time for clout chasers," and says he's still single.

For any interested non-clout chasers, his DMs are open.

Powell gave The Blast a statement, which reads in part, "He deleted his side of our messages lol he’s a nut case ... He lives in the ghetto and his chains are all fake. He’s broke and I think it’s well known that I only mess with successful people."

... okay.

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