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A-Rod Was Too Sore to Get Out of Bed After J Lo's 50th, Too Much Dancing!

By Whitney Vasquez

Alex Rodriguez can't keep up with his dancing queen fiancée, because after J Lo's mega bash he couldn't get out of bed!

The former MLB star revealed he was still sore the day after they turnt it up for the singer's 50th extravaganza, even though J Lo performed the following night for her tour.

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His Confession:

Gettyimages | Nicholas Hunt

Saying he was in awe of his fiancée, who's "done 28 shows in about 58 days," A-Rod added, “She has two more here domestically here in Miami. Last night for her birthday, it was a big one, it was 50. I danced for about an hour and seven minutes."

That's when he dropped the bomb saying he's so sore he couldn't get out of bed!

The Recovery Methods:

Giphy | Shark Tank

He tried everything, and we mean everything, to make his muscles feel better.

“I’ve iced. I’ve done cryo. I got stretched," he revealed. "I got a massage. Steam. Sauna. I’ve been drinking coffee all day. I’m a mess."

Gushing Over J Lo:


Focusing on J Lo's incredible bounce back from her mega bash, A-Rod said he couldn't understand how she does it.

"She went out there and destroyed it in Miami. Killed it, like if she slept ten hours," he stated. "Am I the only one that can’t recover anymore? Does it suck to get old or what?”

J Lo Shares A-Rod Tribute:

Gettyimages | Andrew Toth

For her birthday, A-Rod posted a tearjerking tribute for his bride-to-be, so naturally, J Lo reciprocated the love.

Sharing a nearly two-minute montage showcasing their love with never-before-seen footage of their private live.

Inside The Bash:


The party included a star-studded guest list with performances from Ashanti, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled.

J Lo even got in on the performance action, grabbing the mic and singing her hit, "Dinero."

This is the new 50!

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