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A$AP Rocky Takes the Stand in Assault Trial, Testifies How He Tried to Avoid Getting Into a Fight

By Daniel Goldblatt

A$AP Rocky gave his version of events of the alleged assault that took place last month in Sweden, testifying that he told the alleged victim multiple times that him and his friends "do not want to fight."

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has a reporter, Adam Westin, inside the courtroom for the second day of the trial who has been providing minute-by-minute updates.

According to Westin (and Google Translate), when A$AP took the stand, he explained that he and his friends just wanted to walk around Sweden, get some air, and check out the sites. He said things were going well and they even took electric scooters to help get around.

He said people started to approach his security guard but A$AP didn't pay much attention and the security guard asked them to leave. Next thing A$AP knows, the security guard grabs the alleged victim by the collar and moves him out of the way.

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A$AP said the situation was a little scary and he said he "assumed that these guys were under the influence of some kind of drug."

Westin reports that A$AP said that he and his friends tried to tell the guy, "Listen, don't go where we are going, go the other way, we don't want any trouble."

A$AP said the guy was persistent and A$AP says he put a hand on the guy's shoulder, in a "peaceful way," and told him, "Look man, we do not want to fight. We do not want problems. We do not want to go to prison. Please go."


He says at this point, he realized he wasn't getting through to the guy so he was just trying to get away.

At this point, as they continued to try and walk away, A$AP says they noticed bottles on the ground. He says they picked them up because they "didn't want them to get hold of these bottles, to have them in their possession." He says eventually he got rid of it.

A$AP says they encountered a couple of girls and asked them to play peacemaker. He said he asked them to call the police.

He says at this point, the alleged victim and his friend attacked his security guard.

"It was then that I intervened," A$AP testified, saying he threw the alleged victim to the ground.

There was a little bit of a tussle and A$AP says he left.


He says he got back to his hotel and considered reporting the incident to the police but ultimately decided against it.

A$AP is still testifying. Keep checking back for more updates.

A$AP, under cross-examination, testified that he thought about contacting police during the alleged incident as well, but he did not know how in Sweden.

He was asked about trying to hide the bottle he picked up at one point in his sweater and A$AP said he wasn't trying to hide it, he just doesn't want the other guys to see it because he didn't want to provoke them.

A$AP was asked if he saw any injuries on the alleged victim after the fight and he responded that he did not.

The prosecution also asked A$AP about the videos of the incident that were shot and whether there were more version of it than had been made public. A$AP said he did not know.

He said the only reason he posted the video was that it had been reported that he had beaten someone and he wanted to show his side of the story.

An attorney for the prosecution also asked A$AP about text messages from an assistant that read "I hope rocky deleted all the videos on his phone and kept only the one" but the rapper said he did not know what she meant by that.

A$AP's testimony has seemingly winded down and he addressed the court, saying, "I've heard that I can claim damages, but I don't want any money. That's not what I want. I can win back that money. What I want is justice. And I want my name cleansed. And justice for all of us."

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