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Art Imitating Life

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Many Americans have been glued to our TVs / computers / phones to watch the impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill to determine whether President Donald Trump committed any wrongdoing during that July 25 phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

The hearings follow closed-door testimony from several diplomats, some of whom were pushed out of the White House administration for reasons that are still becoming clear.

Trump Denies Wrongdoing; Witnesses Say Otherwise


But yesterday we heard testimony from Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland. Currently, Sondland is still employed by the government, though that remains to be seen.

On Nov. 20, Sondland told the House Intelligence Committee about his conversations with other diplomats regarding the one big question: Did Trump arrange, in a quid pro quo situation, for Ukraine and Zelensky to agree to investigate Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, in exchange for much-needed aid to that country?

The jury's still out on that, but Sondland also mentioned another juicy bit of goss: A$AP Rocky. Sondland mentioned his name several times during his testimony, and it was just jarring to hear.

Here's a Semi-Short Explanation


The reason A$AP Rocky was name checked during this political scandal actually has a back story, and Slate went into it.

During his testimony, Sondland told the committee that during a July 26 call he had with Trump, “I think we primarily discussed ASAP Rocky.”

Why? Though Slate is speculating, it's very likely the two were talking about the fight A$AP Rocky had in Stockholm while on tour in June. During the fight, someone named Mustafa Jafari was injured.

A$AP Rocky's Fight, Detainment In Sweden Was Mentioned


On July 3, Rocky and members of his crew were arrested and charged with assault in connection with the brawl. The rapper was detained in Sweden for about a month; Rocky claimed self defense in the incident.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West then stepped in to help lobby for A$AP's release. Slate writes that Trump called Stefan Löfven, the prime minister of Sweden. Later, Trump deployed a U.S. envoy to watch the rapper's trial, which took place in Stockholm.

Rocky was found guilty of assault in August. Though prosecutors sought six months in prison for him, the judge determined that Rocky pay Jafari $1,300. Further, Rocky had to pledge he will never go back to Sweden, which is sad.

Memory Is a Beautiful Thing

Gettyimages | Christian Vierig

Sondland says he only remembered the A$AP Rocky incident because diplomat David Holmes told Congress, during his testimony, that he overheard that previously mentioned July 26 call between him and Trump. On July 26, Rocky was still detained in Sweden.

Holmes said besides discussing the rapper, Sondland and Trump were also talking about a possible investigation into the Bidens by Ukraine, which leads us to the current state we're in.

So that's how A$AP Rocky prompted Sondland to bring up his name during his public testimony. Whew.

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