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A$AP Rocky Found Guilty in Swedish Assault Case, Ordered to Pay a Fine But No More Jail Time

By Daniel Goldblatt

A Swedish court on Wednesday ruled that A$AP Rocky and two other members of his team were guilty of assault for their role in a street brawl on June 30.

He was not ordered to serve any additional jail time but was ordered to pay a fine in the amount of SEK 12,500, which is about $1,300.

"Based on statements from two witnesses, the court finds that the defendants were not subject to a current or imminent criminal attack," the ruling said. "Therefore, they were not in a situation where they were entitled to use violence in self-defense. Nor could they have perceived themselves to be in such a situation."

A$AP was not in court to hear the verdict, nor was he required to be.

The rapper had been released from custody at the conclusion of the trial on August 2 and left the country shortly afterward. Upon his return to the U.S., he was seen embracing friends and attending Kanye West's Sunday Service.

On Sunday, he performed in his first show since the incident and told the crowd, "I don't got anything against Swedish people."

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At the conclusion of the three-day trial, prosecutors told the court they believed a jail sentence was required and wanted A$AP to serve six months behind bars.

In his closing argument, Swedish prosecutor Daniel Suneson argued that A$AP should be sentenced harsher than the other defendants. Suneson said, "I don't think anything other than jail is possible."


A$AP took the stand during the trial to explain his version of the events.

He explained that he and his friends just wanted to walk around Sweden, get some air, and check out the sites. He said things were going well and they even took electric scooters to help get around.

He said people started to approach his security guard but A$AP didn't pay much attention and the security guard asked them to leave. Next thing A$AP knows, the security guard grabs the alleged victim by the collar and moves him out of the way.

A$AP said the situation was a little scary and he said he "assumed that these guys were under the influence of some kind of drug."

He testified that he and his friends tried to tell the guy, "Listen, don't go where we are going, go the other way, we don't want any trouble."

A$AP said the guy was persistent and A$AP says he put a hand on the guy's shoulder, in a "peaceful way," and told him, "Look man, we do not want to fight. We do not want problems. We do not want to go to prison. Please go."

A point of contention throughout the trial was the alleged use of bottles during the fight.

A$AP said him and his friends noticed bottles on the ground. He testified they picked them up because they "didn't want them to get hold of these bottles, to have them in their possession." He says eventually he got rid of it.

A woman who witnessed the encounter testified that she was eating with a friend when she spotted A$AP and his entourage outside. She said she and her friend rushed outside to get a photo with him but by that point, the fight with the alleged victim had already begun.

The woman testified that she heard a bottle being broken but could not say whether A$AP or anyone from his group threw it on the ground or hit the alleged victim with it. She also testified that she did not see A$AP holding the bottle during the fight.

The friend of the woman also testified that she did not see anyone hitting the alleged victim with a bottle.

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