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A$AP Rocky Mirrors Sweden Arrest In Music Video, 'Babushka Boi'

By Whitney Vasquez

A$AP Rocky released his first music video since his arrest in Sweden.

In the rapper's "Babushka Boi" video, released on Wednesday, the scenes show him as a wanted man who's running from cops before being jailed and taking revenge into his own hands.

Ironically, while it's cartoon-like, there's parallels to what A$AP Rocky went through during his jail time in Sweden.

As The Blast reported, he spent several weeks behind bars before being found guilty of assault.

Upon release, he immediately headed back to the U.S.

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On The Run:


The video opens with A$AP and several others attempting to outrun the cops.

Before committing a crime, they are shown hiding with their wanted posters behind them.

Turns Cops Into Pigs:


The cops in A$AP's video have pig faces and are wearing the standard police uniform.

He's creating a joke out of law enforcement and we can assume this is how the rapper actually feels, especially after his arrest.

The 'pig' cops are also holding pretend cartoon guns which weaken their powers as enforcers of the law.

Commits Crime:


Despite A$AP entering a not guilty plea for the assault charges in Sweden, in the video, he actually commits a crime.

Holding up a gun while robbing a bank, the rapper's character appears to enjoy breaking the law.

Addresses Media Attention:


He appears to address the media's overwhelming attention to his video crime, much like his real-life arrest.

When A$AP was locked up in Sweden, stars in the hip-hop community pleaded for his release. Even President Donald Trump spoke out about the rapper's jail time.



But in "Babushka Boi," he gets revenge on the people who put him behind bars.

The rapper and his crew are seen firing rounds at law enforcement.

Bloody Outcome:


No explanation needed here, but the cops clearly don't win the stand-off.

Processed Meat:


A$AP Rocky's video ends by showing a bunch of packaged hot dogs with pig labels, insinuating the bad guys turned the cops into processed meat.

He's clearly clowning law enforcement.

It closes out ironically with a cop eating a burger from "The Pig Out."

'Babushka Boi' Video:

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