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Hosting Miss Universe Again

Steve Harvey is once again hosting Miss Universe, and once again he is facing backlash because of Colombia. Back in 2015, Harvey accidentally announced the wrong winner, initially saying that it was Miss Colombia Arianda Gutierrez when it was in fact Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. It remains one of the cringiest moments of live television from this decade.

A Joke That Really Did Not Land

In an effort to make a joke about his historic flub, Harvey decided to make a joke with the new Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur. When she made it to the top 20, Harvey jokingly spelled out Colombia to make sure that he had it correct, declaring "Nailed it!" To her credit, Tafur made a joke in response saying "Should I go back? Tell me what to do."

Unfortunately, Harvey put his foot in his mouth and replied "The cartel hasn’t forgiven me."

People Were Very Offended

While people on Twitter were initially dragging him over his interesting fashion choice for the competition, the ire of the internet turned toward his inflammatory comment about "the cartel."

"#steveharvey Your comment about Colombia deserve another apology from you to all our country . What is wrong with you ? Colombia is waiting your apology #MissUnivers2019"

"@MissUniverse Did #SteveHarvey just said the expression “the cartel” in world-live TV? That was not only disrespectful but absolutely unacceptable and unnecessary. The story of cartels in Colombia isn’t a pretty one nor one that needs to be pointed out as a cheap joke. #Shame"

This Really Was A Poorly Chosen Joke

Harvey was trending on Twitter for many unflattering reasons, but people really took him to task for this insensitive comment.

"That steve Harvey comment about colombia and the CARTEL was disrespectuful! He should apologize! Thats not what we are, our artists, our landscapes, our athlets can speak LOUDER @MissUniverse #missuniverse2019 #MissColombia"

We'll see if he gets invited back to host again after this one.

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