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1. Best Celeb Couple Ever?

It's safe to say that the recently married Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are one of the cutest celebrity couples around. These two seem to genuinely dig each other and enjoy each other's company in a way that is incredibly endearing. They also aren't above teasing each other mercilessly.

2. Enjoying Time With His Brothers

Jonas was recently touring the Coors Light factory with his brothers, and was psyched as hell about it. He is notoriously a fan of the beer, and even featured personalized bottles at his wedding. The man was excited, and he captioned a photo with the rest of the JoBros "Best. Day. Ever. @coorslight."

Jonas got married in July. Uh oh.

3. Called! Out!

The Queen in the North would not stand for this disrespect and hilariously commented "Really? The BEST day EVER?!? Interesting........."

Fans on Instagram were loving this playful back and forth, and Joe finally remedied the situation by amending his statement to "second best day ever."

Never stop being cute, you two.

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