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Sophia Macy Takes Acting Role Defying Parents' Involvement in 'College Admissions Scandal'

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez
By Sarah Wolstoncroft

With Hollywood actor parents like "Shameless" lead William H. Macy and "Desperate Housewives" star Felicity Huffman, Sophia Macy's future career success seemed inevitable. This was true at least to everyone, except her parents.

When Hollywood turned their back on Sophia's parents for their involvement in the "college admissions scandal," Sophia refused to give up on her own dreams of becoming an actress.

Taking back her name in the media, Sophia Macy, 19, announced her debut acting role in "The Twilight Zone" on Instagram Monday.

Sophia Macy announces her acting role.


In her Instagram post, Sophia writes, "Been wanting to talk about this for a MINUTE! I'm so grateful @abbiehern_ I love you and I love acting with you #twilightzone #cbsallaccess."

Most fans congratulated Sophia in her Instagram comments and claimed they knew she was "destined" for acting, with only one user criticizing her for having a "privileged life."

Her acting debut will show up in the second season of "The Twilight Zone" narrated by comedian Jordan Peele. Along with Sophia's Instagram post, CBS also made their formal announcement Monday.

What did Sophia Macy's parents do?


Sophia's name got dragged into the media in 2019 when Felicity Huffman was arrested and charged for her involvement in the "college admissions scandal." In an attempt to ensure her oldest daughter's college acceptance, she paid a proctor to change answers Sophia got wrong on the SAT and was thus sentenced to 14 days in prison, serving 11.

Sophia stands by her story that she did not know her mother was paying for a better grade and bashed her decision during court proceedings, telling Felicity, "I don't know who you are anymore mom. Why didn't you believe in me?"

Why wasn't William H. Macy charged?

Gettyimages | Stefanie Keenan

Felicity Huffman served her 11 days in prison and paid the $30,000 fine, which was double what she paid to have the SAT scores changed. However, William H. Macy was notably missing from the celebrities held responsible in the scandal.

While online reports claim William likely took part in the meeting with William Singer, the man Felicity paid $15,000 to alter scores, he was not charged alongside his wife.

Many speculated at the time that he may have been less involved or had information to offer officers in cooperation to get him off the hook.

Olivia Jade is also recovering after the "college admissions scandal" drama.

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone

While Olivia Jade is famous for having "Full House" star Lori Loughlin for a mom, she had also constructed some fame of her own becoming popular on Youtube.

However, like Sophia, when news broke that her mom was involved in the "college admissions scandal," she also lost traction in her career aspirations. Even worse for Olivia, Felicity paid $15,000 for changed test scores while Lori shelled out $500,000 for guaranteed USC admission.

Yet, it's likely Olivia helped set the tone for Sophia's announcement. In December, she made an announcement of her own by returning to her once-successful Youtube channel after almost a year of absence.

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