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1. A Makeup Free Selfie

Selena Gomez has the fifth largest Instagram following, and her fans are ravenous about every thing that the pop star posts on her account. Her latest post, a makeup free selfie, has set off a firestorm of comments. With the caption "Me, all the time," this photo shows Gomez curled up in bed, and fans are wondering if she's depressed.

2. Is This About Justin Bieber?

It's hard to tell whether or not Gomez is sad or just sleepy, but fans are wondering whether or not she is feeling emotional following the recent marriage of her ex, Justin Bieber. Plenty of people left speculative comments as to the cause of her apparent sadness, which honestly feels a bit rude.

"Be strong, to be honest [Bieber] is not even attractive, he is troubled and weak and burn out his talent needs help himself, you deserve so much better. A woman's life does not revolve around man thanks next, Selena is a WONDERFUL woman I love you."

"He’s lost and has no respect. He’s too childish to be a good partner. He would’ve tortured your mind before and after. You were set free from what was going to be a long nightmare. Live your life honestly, truthfully with love and care."

3. Her Fans Have Her Back

Others focused on Gomez's self-worth outside of her relationships, calling her an inspiration and encouraging her to focus on the good things in her life.

"You’re such an inspiration Selena I truly adore you"

"You are so pure Selena. That's why i love you! Keep inspiring"

"Yes Ladies don't need the Make up all the time. Just Be You! You are beautiful as you are. Get out there and Sing and Dance. Just my thoughts"

Here's hoping whatever is going on with Gomez is only temporary and she's feeling her best soon.

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