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1. A Controversial Decision By ABC

Giphy | Dancing with the Stars

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer left behind the Trump administration and found a new career path: reality television. Appearing as a contestant on ABC's Dancing With The Stars, Spicer has been a controversial choice, with many people arguing that it normalized corruption in politics.

2. Always Scoring Low

Giphy | Dancing with the Stars

On Monday night's episode, Spicer continued his streak of low scoring routines while Leah Remini was a guest judge. He performed a paso doble with pro dancer Lindsay Arnold, and earned 21 out of 40 possible points.

During a post-dance interview with Erin Andrews, Spicer dropped some profanity that got him bleeped by the censors.

3. Why He Got Bleeped

Giphy | Dancing with the Stars

Spicer began the interview by saying "Thank god it's over, and he continued by explaining how difficult the routine was.

"It's not just the dancing and taps. That's really taxing on your body. So I was excited to have it done."

Andrews responded with "Just wait until you start unlocking the center of this beauty," to which Spicer exclaimed "Holy sh*tballs!"

He got the censoring bleep for dropping a swear on live television. If only the same thing happened while he routinely lied to the American people on behalf of the President.

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