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A New Member Of The Jonas Family

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been enjoying their first year of marriage, and Chopra decided to make their little family a little bit bigger. In an absolutely adorable Instagram video, Chopra surprises a shirtless and sleeping Jonas with a new German Shepherd puppy.

Jonas posted the video and some sweet photos on Instagram with a cute caption.

"Pri came home with the absolute best surprise this morning. Please meet our new pup @ginothegerman I haven’t stopped smiling since I woke up this morning and finally realized what was going on. Thank you @priyankachopra ❤️ 🐕"

Are They Having Kids Soon?

As with every newly married couple, people are already speculating when they will have children, and adding a puppy certainly will fuel the fire of speculation. Also, Jonas took the "I'm going to tell my kids" meme and turned it into a heartfelt note on Instagram, which is, to be fair, a total dad move.

"I’m gonna tell my kids this is a guy that was really happy because he and his brothers had a band and then they broke up, but then they got back together years later and their lives were enriched artistically and emotionally.

He never could have imagined how fortunate he would be to be back on stage with his brothers in front of the world’s greatest fans every night doing what he loves. Thank you to everyone who continues to makes this story so much sweeter every day. May the happiness continue. #happinessbeginstour"

They're Loving Marriage

Chopra also told E! News earlier this year that she definitely wants to be a mom.

"I’ve wanted to experience motherhood since when I was 12 years old. I love kids, I’ve always wanted to have them. And whenever it’s time, I’m sure it will."

For now, though, she is content being married.

"I feel like that’s the best part of being married. I think the most surprising part. Every single day when I wake up I’m like, ‘Oh, I have a home. Like, this is my home. This person is my home.’ And I didn’t know that feeling outside of my parents. Like, it’s like, ‘Oh, this is the family that I have chosen.’ It’s family."

They Are Home

Jonas is on the same page, telling The Huffington Post that he and Chopra are a team in everything.

"Well, I think that we both obviously look out for each other in every way that we can. And I think as we’re continuing to navigate married life together, we’re figuring out exactly what and how we can be the best support for each other. And so far, it’s been amazing and having that partner, that life partner, is just an incredible thing and makes everything way better. So, I’m just hopeful that I can continue to be a good partner to her and whether that’s emotional or physical health, I want to be that teammate in everything."

So, for now they have Gino, but kids can't be too far behind.

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