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A Killer Halftime Show

Gettyimages | Maddie Meyer

It's safe to say that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez DELIVERED with the Super Bowl LIV halftime show. Sure, people were happy that the Kansas City Chiefs played their way to victory, but these divas and their instantly iconic performances were without a doubt the stars of the show.

People could not stop talking about them to the point that #HalftimeShow2020 was trending well into Monday. While there were certainly people who were scandalized by the performance -- how dare women in their 40s and 50s be sexy! -- but the majority of viewers were absolutely blown away.

A Bit Of A Mix Up

Giphy | So You Think You Can Dance

However, while Shakira and JLo are pretty recognizable, former pop star and reality competition judge Paula Abdul (or, more likely, her social media team) managed to have a brief Twitter mix up. In a now deleted tweet, Abdul said:

"“Can’t wait to watch these amazing women perform at the #SuperBowl ‼️ #DemiLovato @JLo @shakira xoP ❤️"

Now, while that seems all well and good, the photos she included were a bit of a problem. The three pictures featured Abdul with Lovato, Abdul with Lopez, and Abdul with... former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

A Classy Response

Gettyimages | X Factor

This mix up is extra embarrassing when you consider the fact that Abdul and Scherzinger used to be judges on the American X Factor together. However, Scherzinger took it in stride, responding:

"I mean, my hips don’t lie... but I’m not @shakira babes 💋❤️"

However, Abdul was quick to clear up any confusion, sending out another tweet that said:

".@NicoleScherzy I wanted to include this photo to commemorate this great football memory! Not to mistake you for Shakira. Nicole, even as a masked singer I couldn’t mistake you. As if we don’t go way back! xoP ❤️"

People On Twitter Are Pretty Amused


No matter what mistake was made here, fans were loving this hilarious interaction, standing Scherzinger and Abdul even harder than before:

“God Bless Paula Abdul. A national treasure.”

“I stan a forgetful queen”

“All queens but paula was outta pocket and deserved to be called out. Nicole is excellent in every field of entertainment”

“If she says you’re Shakira now, that’s just how it is. Accept your new identity 😂”

“we’re gonna get Ms Abdul’s social media intern fired TODAY.”

“I don’t even know what to say about it lmaooo BUT both of you are queens”

Who doesn't love a little bit of drama on social media that ends up being much sweeter than expected?

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