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Clean Freak Naomi Campbell Braved The Outdoors Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

By Ryan Naumann

Naomi Campbell is using her time off from work, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, to reflect on her normally non-stop schedule.

Over the weekend, the supermodel trekked outside with her family in New York City. She looked stunning in a full-body tracksuit with safety gloves on.

The icon reflected on the day writing, “Sunday Mood: Today I spent several hours with my god son, just walking on the pier. I can’t remember the last time I stood outside in New York City without thinking about where I needed to be in the next 30 minutes. But today was serene, and clear without a plane in the sky, you can breathe and feel the air difference. With challenges we are going through now it’s seems like Mother Nature is waking up in a positive way again, and today, we thought about nothing but the present on that pier.

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Campbell says realizing she needed to take time off from her uber busy schedule gave her anxiety. She wrote, “Last week when my mind first registered the fact that I would need to remain in one place, in one city, without movement, travel, stimulus or much human interaction, I cannot lie it made me nervous and anxious. I’m learning what it means to put my busy or complicated life on hold and just be still for a while, in one place, with hyper awareness of the people and spaces directly around me and the moment to moment actions I am making.”


During the self-imposed quarantine Campbell says, “I am finding my own world somewhat unfamiliar. During the past few days I’ve spent much time at home isolated with loved ones. I’ve cooked, cleaned, caught up with people over the phone, grocery shopped, online read, slept, listened to music and walked to the piers for fresh air. And day by day I’m reminded of all these simple things, the simple pleasures in my life that make happiness. We must learn to educate our hearts and minds to create value in every moment.”

Following the news of the Coronavirus, the model shared photos of her extra-safe airplane attire which resembled a hazmat suit. She captioned the post, “Safety First NEXT LEVEL”

She had this message for the world, “Hope you’re all staying strong, united and positive as much as you can out there. Hold on, we will get through this. With love, Naomi ❤️🙏🏾

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