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14 Years Strong

Country superstar Luke Bryan recently opened up to Hollywood Life about how he keeps his 14 year marriage to his wife, Caroline, fresh. Bryan explained that he got wonderful advice from his grandfather on how to sustain a marriage.

"I have one quote, my grandfather gave it to me…keeping the marriage fun. My wife and I try to do that. Life gets busy and we get in a funk and we realize we haven’t talked to each other in a while, so we’ve gotten really better at trying, no matter how mad you may make each other, try to communicate"

Praising Her Parenting

The American Idol judge admitted that his insane schedule keeps him away from home a lot and that Caroline shoulders most of the family logistics. The couple has two sons, Thomas, 11, and Tatum, 9.

"When you are married to me, I’m so busy. She’s home now [with our kids. Her thing is, good Lord our children. Just the responsibilities of our children and obviously our family is certainly extended with our nieces and our nephew. I mean, just the logistics of her having to talk to five children today, it’s amazing. It’s something to behold!"

Being Supportive

Bryan explains that he and his wife are a team and that they support one another however they can.

"She builds me up. When we first got married, she was the breadwinner for many, many years. She was supporting me and now we’re in a whole other phase. She calls me out when I need to be called out. But when I have amazing things happen, she’s amazing support because we’ve earned it together…She calls me out on [being a workaholic]. I’m not really good at the word ‘no.'... [it is] a big sacrifice being a wife or a spouse of somebody in entertainment."

What Caroline Thinks

Bryan explained that he sees a similar love of fun in his fellow judge Katy Perry's relationship with Orlando Bloom, even if he's not invited to the wedding.

"Her and Orlando [Bloom], they have a fun relationship and I think that’s very critical. Katy’s obviously been married once and she’s probably got more advice!"

Caroline also posted some hilarious marriage advice on her Instagram that definitely ties into the "keep things fun" message from Luke. She wrote:

"2 tips for a successful marriage: having a sense of humor and selective hearing. Many days I swear Luke needs a hearing aid."

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