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A Dramatic Split

For the last five months, the world has been abuzz about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth divorce and lives post-split. They released a statement on August 10th revealing that they had broken up.

"Liam and Miley have agreed to separate at this time. Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what’s best while they both focus on themselves and careers. They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart. Please respect their process and privacy."

Since then, Cyrus has moved on to Cody Simpson and Hemsworth is dating Australian model Gabriella Brooks.

Moving On

A sourced told HollywoodLife that Hemsworth "truly is happier now," despite the pain that comes with a divorce, and that he "misses Miley a lot, he will always love her and she’ll always love him." However, despite that, the split was definitely for the best.

"They split because [Liam] realized as he got older and grew up, they weren’t having a traditional marriage and relationship and that was hard for him and it wasn’t working for Miley, either. They both really wanted to live their lives differently."

Better Now

The source continued, explaining that their very different families and upbringings didn't help things either.

"[Liam’s] family helped him take the step in divorce and has really supported him. They’re all very traditional and always felt Miley and her family were more out there. His parents never saw what he saw."

I guess they weren't fans of Billy Ray Cyrus and "Old Town Road." Or maybe they didn't like Tish Cyrus' enormous weed stash. Who can say! But from the sound of things, this match was doomed from the start. cues up "Wrecking Ball"

They're Just Different People

The HollywoodLife source explained that after their house burned in the California fires in 2018, Cyrus was looking for the security that Hemsworth provided.

"The fires brought them closer together. When they lost everything, they leaned on one another and that’s why they got married how and when they did. She decided when her house burned down she felt out of control and it brought them closer together, and had this epiphany about what was important in life…she wanted to ensure that they’d always be together forever."

It may not have been meant to be, but they'll always have The Last Song.

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