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Leo DiCaprio's Model Ex-Girlfriend Erin Heatherton Accused Of Hiding Assets in Bankruptcy

By Ryan Naumann

Former Victoria Secret’s model Erin Heatherton is being accused of living the high life with expensive vacations and spending sprees, all while refusing to pay her debts.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Heatherton’s ex-business partner is accusing the model of screwing her over by spending $50,000 on designer clothes and spa trips, instead of paying bills.

Earlier this year, Leo DiCaprio's ex-girlfriend filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy listing $6,465.57 in assets and $560,242.13 in liabilities. One of her creditors is her ex-business partner, Clare Byrne.

In newly filed documents, Bryne demands Heatherton’s debt not be discharged and her bankruptcy be dismissed.

She claims Heatherton’s bank records reveal the model was spending wild prior to filing for bankruptcy. Bryne takes issue with Heatherton dropping $12,380 on spa trips, $1,500 on technology, $18,000 on designer clothes and over $10,000 with online purchases.

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Heatherton also allegedly failed to mention $110,000 she made off real estate. Leo’s ex is accused of failing to turn over records for all her bank accounts.

Further, Heatherton is accused of changing her story multiple times about her spending. She originally claimed her expensive vacations were paid by her boyfriend. When presented with her bank statements showing she spent money, the model changed her story.

Heatherton is accused of choosing to continue living “an extravagant lifestyle, spending thousands of dollars on luxury goods and services and numerous international travel, funded by income that she failed to disclose.” Her ex-business partners says all Heatherton’s creditors got screwed in the process.

She is demanding the entire bankruptcy be thrown out.


In her bankruptcy petition, the model lists her average monthly income is $1,089.91 (with $221 coming from family/friends) but spends $1,074 on expenses leaving her without much.

Her property includes $750 in a Phone/MacBook, $995 ‘What Goes Around Comes Around Vintage Japanese Jacket”, $500 in other wearing apparel along with an $945 necklace.

The diamond necklace is a piece made by Jennifer Meyer, who happens to be Leo’s best friend Tobey Maguire’s ex-wife. She also has $919 in her checking accounts.

The Blast

Her debts include large amounts of credit card debt, specifically lines of credit opened months after she started dating Leo.

Erin and Leo dated from January 2010 until October 2010. The docs note in March 2010, the model took out three credit cards with City National Bank. She owes $11,514 on one card, $9,485 on another and $194,602.49 on a third for a total $215,601.49.

The Blast

She also owes another $201k to City National for a line of credit and $100k in a battle with a former business partner and $41k to the New York State Department of Tax. Heatherton made $226,596 for 2017, $18k (2018) and $2,820 for the year so far. The model also lists a long list of clothes and shoes she hawked prior to filing for bankruptcy to third parties.

The bankruptcy is ongoing.

Erin and Leo reportedly ended on good terms and the model has spoken highly of the actor in the years since their split.

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