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1. The Birth Of A Meme

When an odd clip of Kylie Jenner singing "rise and shine" to her daughter, Stormi, hit the internet, it became a meme immediately. If you went anywhere on social media, you saw some version or another. Endless versions of essentially the same joke. There was no escape.

2. The Meme Became Self-Aware

Kylie Jenner quickly caught wind of the meme, even posting one of her own -- her face on the instantly recognizable Teletubbies sun -- on her Instagram. People thought it was fun that Jenner was playing along, poking fun of herself in the sea of online weirdness.

3. Capitalizing On Internet Fame

Very soon after the meme took over Twitter, sweatshirts inspired by "riiiise and shiiiiiine" were added to the Kylie Shop. The sweatshirts are available in black and white and sizes XS-XXL and cost $65. People wonder how the Kardashians make their fortune? It's stuff like this. It is moving fast to capitalize on a memable moment.

4. The Meme Is Dead

Now, when products start to reflect a meme, that usually is the death knell for the former social media sensation. That happened when the sweatshirts hit the store. Now, the Kardashians have taken it one step further: according to TMZ, Kylie Jenner has trademarked "rise and shine", planning to slap it on all sorts of products.

Not only is the proverbial horse dead, it is being beaten within an inch of its life.

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