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A New Documentary

While at the TCAs on Saturday, Kim Kardashian unveiled the trailer for her upcoming documentary special on Oxygen, The Justice Project. Focusing on the mass incarceration issue in the United States, The Justice Project.

Kardashian, who is working on a four year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco and plans to take the bar exam in 2022, has become very interested in social justice in recent years and has been working to use her celebrity status to raise awareness for this very serious issue.

Taking Social Justice Seriously

Gettyimages | David Livingston

While at the TCAs, Kardashian explained how the broken justice system takes advantage of some of society's most vulnerable, explaining in the trailer that "there are a lot of people making bad choices after a life of trauma. People deserve a second chance."

She explained at the panel:

"There are millions impacted by this broken justice system, and I wanted to put faces to these numbers and statistics. I want to help elevate these cases to a national level to effect change, and this documentary is an honest depiction of me learning about the system and helping bring tangible results to justice reform."

Making Her Dad Proud

Gettyimages | David Livingston

Kardashian also explained that her late father, O.J. Simpson's lawyer Robert Kardashian, was her inspiration and that she thinks he would be proud of her work.

"There are times when I could be frustrated and studying really late and have to get up and wonder how he did it, having four kids and must’ve been going through some of the same things that I have gone through. So it would have been exciting to talk to him about that, and I know that he would be so, so proud."

She continued, saying that as soon as she got involved as a justice advocate, it was something that she could see herself doing forever.

"I do, I really do. I don’t see how I could just say no to someone that really needs help if I know that I can help them."

Not Just Empty Words

Kardashian, who has even been working with the White House on justice reform, had to make some changes in her lifestyle to make room for her new activism.

"I just honestly had to cut out a lot of all the extra stuff that I was doing. I mean simple self-care things – a massage I used to do at a specific time and now I just don’t do it. But if I needed to it would be probably 10 PM, 11 PM after everyone’s asleep.

I literally had to change my number and just say, ‘You know, I gotta focus for four years. All my friends, guys, I’ll be back in four years, let me just really focus."

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