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Disney+ Launches Tomorrow


The latest streaming giant Disney+ launches tomorrow, and it's bringing with it a huge catalog of classics. Bringing Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe under one roof (Well, mostly. There are still a few things missing for now.), Disney+ is going to enter the streaming race in a huge way.

Not only is it bringing fans all of their favorites in one spot, they will also be producing new content, particularly television shows taking place in the MCU and the Star Wars universe.

The MCU Will Only Get Bigger


If you thought that Avengers: Endgame marked the end of the MCU, you could not be more wrong. Kevin Feige, the new Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, a.k.a. the man calling the shots and running the show, appeared on The Hollywood Reporter Awards Chatter podcast and let people know what they can expect now that Disney+ is in play.

Unlike Marvel's Netflix shows (which have all been cancelled) which were kept completely separate from the films except for a few passing references, the upcoming shows on Disney+ will be deeply connected to the MCU films in theaters.

"It’s specifically the plan that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be in theaters and on Disney+. We are certainly doing cinematic art level productions for Disney+.

"Falcon & Winter Soldier is currently shooting, and I just got back from the set of WandaVision, which is shooting. All of those characters will undergo transformative, I hope very exciting experiences in that show, and then go into our movies, so they’ll go back and forth."

The Shows Will Also Be Included


Not only that, but new characters that are introduced in television shows will make their way into films eventually.

"Some characters we’ve announced like She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight, you will meet for the first time in a Disney+ show, and then they will go into the movies. But the MCU will now go back and forth. If you want to understand everything in future Marvel movies, he says, you’ll probably need a Disney+ subscription, because events from the new shows will factor into forthcoming films."

Can Casual Fans Keep Up?


Feige admits that he's aware that "superhero fatigue" is inevitable, but he doesn't see that happening any time soon.

"I’ve imagined that since the day I started at this company 20 years ago, and I’ve wondered every few years if I want to stay or if I want to go. The truth is I’ve always said that I’ll go when I get bored, or hopefully just before I get bored,” he said. “We’re doing so much right now in so many different ways with so much support of the studio – Disney+ being a big part of that."

With all of this new content and world building? Will casual fans of the MCU be able to keep up with the shows and the films?

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