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Kelly Ripa Explains Why Her Son Joaquin Stuck Tampons Up His Nose Last Weekend

Gettyimages | Vivien Killilea
By Sarah Wolstoncroft

Kelly Ripa explained on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" Wednesday what was going on in the photo she posted to Instagram last week. The snapshot showed her wrestler son with tampons shoved up his nose.

"You win some, you lose some, and sometimes you get a tampon shoved up your nose. #mayorscup #wrestlers #wrestlerslife 🤼‍♂️," Ripa wrote in her Saturday caption.

On the show, Ripa revealed her son broke his nose at his high school wrestling match, much to her surprise.

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Kelly thought her son was faking it.

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

While Kelly assured her audience that her son Joaquin is now "fine." She admitted that when he initially broke his nose, she thought he was just over-reacting.

"From our point of view, it looked like he got poked in the eye. I was like, 'I get it, that hurts, and sometimes your eye -- it won't open.' But we were like 'Okay, Joaquin, for heaven's sakes, pull yourself together.' ... And I was saying, 'See? He's an actor.' Because he was [covering his face]. It was very dramatic," Ripa revealed.

Ultimately, it was his opponent's knee that delivered the nose breaking blow.

Kelly couldn't help but tease her son about his tampon treatment.


Despite breaking his nose, Joaquin still went back to win his match after seeking treatment from a medic. However, mom Kelly couldn't give him all the glory and still had to get in a couple jokes about his new nose ornament as he re-entered the ring.

"I guess the doctor looks at him and says, 'Put two tampons up there and call me in the morning,' and then they continue the match. I don't think they tell the kids that they're sticking tampons up their nose, until I ruined it," she joked.

Instagram users chimed in with opinions.

Gettyimages | Vivien Killilea

Back on the Instagram pictures Kelly shared, fans chimed in with their opinions on her son's nose attire.

Actress Holly Peete commented, "Cutie pie even with those two slender regulars in his nose 😂😂." Another user followed suit with, "He rocks those tampons!!!🔥."

Others deemed the injury "the life of a wrestler."

Similarly, one fan expressed their joy that Kelly and Mark put their son in the sport, writing, "Wrestling is the best sport ever!!! He should always be proud of whatever his outcome because that is the most difficult sport to play! Props to him 100%!"

Kelly also spilled the tea on her daughter's spending habits earlier this week.

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill

It's not just her son Joaquin, who Kelly likes to share embarrassing stories about. Earlier this week, she also shared her daughter's spending habits on the show.

"We shut down that debit card," Ripa exclaimed to fans after explaining that she and her husband noticed an extremely high Postmates bill from Lola's first semester in college.

Ripa joked with fans that her daughter couldn't bring herself to eat from the meal plan she and husband Mark Consuelos paid for. Instead, she was buying food at triple the value due to the delivery fees.

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