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Karrueche Tran's Ex-Manager Fires Back At $1.4 Million Lawsuit, Says He Funded Her 'Lavish Lifestyle'

By Ryan Naumann

Karrueche Tran’s ex-manager is firing back at the actress’ lawsuit accusing him of owing her over a million dollars.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Jacob York is asking the court to move the case from California to Georgia. He argues the majority of witnesses involved and documents are located in Georgia.

York doesn’t address the majority of the allegations in the court documents but throws shade at Tran. He says he used his own money to launch Tran’s career. York claims he spent a ton to fund Tran’s “lavish lifestyle.”

He writes, From the outset, this case involves a management relationship that began between the parties in 2013. Defendants expended considerable monies to launch, promote, and market Plaintiff's fledging career, including but not limited to, paying Plaintiff's monthly expenses, acting lessons, and funding her lavish lifestyle to say the least.”

He adds, “The heart of Plaintiff's allegations center around monies earned from a single and recent contractual agreement procured by Defendant. However, the financial transactions between the parties are much more complicated than as alleged in Plaintiff's Complaint.”

A judge has yet to rule on his motion.

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Last month, Tran filed a $1.4 million lawsuit against her ex-manager, Yaqwb Muhammed aka Jacob York, and his management company Electric Republic

The actress accused the defendants of breach of contract, fraud, breach of private duty and punitive damages. Tran signed with the management company in 2016.

In the suit, Tran explains she trusted York to collect money owed to her for work and to provide her with accounting of her business income. She agreed to let York collect the money and take his 20% out before sending her the rest.


Tran claims to have learned her manager was not being honest with the accounting. She believes the defendants repeatedly misrepresented the amount of money her business ventures were making.

In November 2019, Tran says she discovered York had failed to pay her $267,000 owed for personal appearances. She had her legal counsel fire off a letter demanding the money along with accounting for other ventures.

During her investigation, she found York failed to report money she made through her makeup company. She reached out to her makeup partner, ColourPop, for accounting. Tran says they handed over records that showed her line made made $1,795,026.33 in royalties for Tran, which her managers were to be paid $359,005.27, leaving her with $1,436,021.06.

However, the problem is York only paid her $276,003.90 from the money.

Tran added, “Electric had only paid Tran $276,003.90 attributable to the Venture, thereby causing Tran to believe that the Venture had only generated approximately $345,004.87 in total revenues. Defendants encouraged this false belief by repeatedly misrepresenting to Tran that the Venture had not been particularly successful and that her relatively low royalty payments were therefore to be expected. In truth, the Venture had been one of ColourPop’s most successful cosmetic lines to date.” Tran is suing for the $1.4 million plus punitive damages.

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