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Kim and Kourtney Show Every Season is Bikini Season When You're a Kardashian

Gettyimages | Michael Loccisano
By Sarah Wolstoncroft

Bikini season doesn't take a break when you're Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Living in perfect Los Angeles weather helps the gorgeous celebrities show off their hot bods all year-round.

Taking to Instagram over the past two days, the two older Kardashian sisters donned their curvy figures in bold bikinis as they vacationed, or planned for one in Kim's case.

And when one Kardashian sister goes for it, they all do. Kylie stepped things up a notch posting pictures of herself in lacy lingerie Monday, while Khloe was seen last week on Insta showing off her bod in a sports bra.

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Kim kicked things off with a pink bikini pic.


Kim wowed fans on her Instagram by posting a picture in a light pink bikini, with the caption "always packing."

Most of the comments praised Kim for her good looks, calling the reality star "stunning" and "so hot."

However, others called her out on her caption. One Instagram user wrote, "weird method of packing," while another followed up with "U know u wasn't going in nobody pool."

Later in the week, Kim used her Instagram to wish her daughter Chicago a happy second birthday and to promote her beauty line.

Kourtney followed suit from an Italian boat.

Giphy | KUWTK

Kourtney wasn't about to let Kim steal all the likes. Taking things up a notch from Kim's closet, Kourtney shared a shot from Sardinia, Italy where she is on a boat showing off her toned abs in an orange bikini.

Keeping it short in the caption, Kourtney simply wrote @poosh. Poosh is Kourtney's lifestyle website that came out in April 2019. It focuses on making a "modern lifestyle attainable by all."

Fans in the comments stayed supportive, writing "slaying as always" and "inspirational."

Khloe chose to keep her face out of hers.

Giphy | KUWTK

Unlike her sisters, Khloe tends to stay slightly more covered up in her photos. While Kourtney and Kim opted for bikini selfies, Khloe posted a picture of her core that looked more like a fitness shot last week. Khloe also chose to keep her face out of the photo.

While her sisters seemed to focus on fan approval or promotion, it's more likely Khloe's sexy but reserved selfie is a paid ad. In her caption she simply tags @goodamerican, a popular clothing brand.

But, Kylie stepped things up to lingerie.


However, Kylie wasn't holding back most of all. On Monday, she posted a sexy flick of herself on Instagram wearing lacy lingerie while wrapped around a pink rope. Her signature stare and pout are included in the photo.

Kylie's caption reads, "tangled," reminding fans that there is indeed a rope in the sexy photo. In addition, this is likely a reference to Disney's "Tangled," which features a Rapunzel character because Kylie is rocking ultra-long locks in her picture.

Fans had mixed reactions on Kylie's hair. One user lovingly commented, "EXCUSE ME INCHES EXCUSE ME INCHES," while another speculated where her hair must regularly get stuck.

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