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Perpetually On The Rocks

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich kissing
Gettyimages | Rachel Luna

The marriage between Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich has been the object of speculation for months. While neither has commented direction on the state of their marriage, there have been reports that things are more than a little rocky.

Sources told People in January:

"They’ve been having problems for months. She’s very independent and a free spirit, and that’s been tough for Brooks and their marriage.”

'It seems they are not giving up, but also not talking about it. They want to do this their way. They don’t want to discuss their marriage. They have been having problems, but many people do."

Quarantining Apart

The couple is also quarantining apart, with Hough remaining in Los Angeles and Laich is in Idaho with his dog. He talked about the isolation on his podcast, How Men Think:

"I always wanted to spend more time here. I bought this place in 2014, and I’ve never spent enough time here. I come here like, a week a year and it’s my dream property. So one, I wanted to spend more time here. Two, the place needed an overhaul, it really needed a cleaning ... so I've really been able to manicure it and landscape it. Three, just my dog, with my dog, we have a yard and stuff in L.A., and we go for trail runs and stuff, but here he's outside all day long."

Hough confirmed to Oprah Mag that quarantine makes things "a little different."

"I don't feel lonely, but I definitely feel alone. I think there's a big difference. I feel alone. ... I miss people a lot, I wanna hug them and talk to them, but I'm really enjoying this time where I can really connect to what's really important in my life and look forward to when we get out of this, who do I want to step into? Who do I want to arrive in this new world as?"

Did Hough Admit To A Break Up?

However, in a new interview with Women's Health, Hough speaks about her relationship with Laich almost like it's a thing of the past, basically admitting that they were not earnestly trying to get pregnant at the time.

"I think the healthier I am from the inside out — as far as my beliefs, my energy, what I’m putting into my body — the better prepared I’ll be when the time comes. We never actually tried to get pregnant. It was more of a precautionary measure: Let’s do our due diligence for the future by freezing eggs.

Sure Doesn't Sound Like Soulmates

Gettyimages | Rachel Murray

When talking about relationships and soulmates, Hough explained:

"I believe in soul love, whatever that looks like. I kind of don’t believe in labels. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have a baby, etc. It just means that I’ve unplugged from what I feel like I should be doing versus what I actually want to be doing."

Is she hinting at trouble in already turbulent paradise? Maybe the time apart will help these two work through their differences, whatever that means for them going forward.

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