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Setting The Record Straight

Back in February, the Kardashian family was in turmoil when it seemed like family friend Jordyn Woods cheated with Khloe's boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan Thompson. Woods, who was Kylie Jenner's longtime best friend and roommate, was accused of hooking up with Thompson at a party, although she denies that's what went down.

"Never once was I giving him a lap dance, making out with him, sitting all over him. We're all together, in a group, never once did we leave the public area, go to a bedroom, go to a bathroom. We're all in plain sight."

Appearing On Red Table Talk

Giphy | Red Table Talk

Woods appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk series after the scandal broke, and the second part of that series was released on Tuesday, featuring Woods talking a lie detector test and denying that she ever slept with Thompson. She explained,

"I just want everyone to know that I'm telling the truth and that's the most important part of the story for me, is the truth."

The entire process took over two hours, and Woods was asked point blank "Did you have sexual intercourse with Tristan Thompson?" to which Woods replied with a definitive "No." You can watch the entire episode on Facebook Watch.

After the test, polygraphist Shon Thurman confirmed that she wasn't lying.

"You definitely passed and I believe you're being truthful on the test."

Their Opinions On The Drama

In the video, Jada explained why Jordyn wanted to undergo this arduous process.

"Jordyn did take a lie detector test and it was Jordyn's request. It was her request to be here and it was her request to take the lie detector test. We had a forensic polygraphist with over 25 years of experience in criminal and civil investigations."

Jada's mother and cohost Adrienne continued, saying:

"There were a lot of untruths that were put out there and one of them was about the fact that there wasn't an apology from Jordyn. From the text messages that I saw, that that is not necessarily the case. Don't be editing this out of the show, because that's important."

That was the Kardashian family line, and Jada responded "There's always more to the story."

Khloe Forgives Her

For her part, Khloe Kardashian has made it clear that she forgives Woods for whatever part she played in the drama.

"I’m seeing a lot of commentary about last week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. As much as I hate speaking on all of this because I’m sure everybody is over it, as am I, but I’m frustrated that people try to create something that’s not really there. I don’t hold any negative or hateful feelings towards ANYONE! I mean that. Life is short! We are all humans trying to figure out this thing called life. Who am I to condemn anyone else? Yes, I’m allowed to feel hurt and pain. It would be unnatural for me to pretend as if I don’t. Personally, I don’t want to be carrying around a hateful heart. I crave peace in my life. Me holding onto hate is only going to hurt me in the end."

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