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Johnny Depp Says Amber Heard Is 'Masquerading' as Abuse Survivor

By Mike Walters

Johnny Depp does not want Amber Heard to keep details of their lawsuit private because he argues that the "objective facts" in this case proves his innocence.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Depp and his legal team are opposing a motion filed by Heard, which asked the court to keep certain information about the lawsuit from the public.

Depp claims in the filing, "It would be grossly unfair to allow Ms. Heard – who has already disseminated to the media and the public as much defamatory material about her former husband as she could concoct – to now hide the objective facts that reveal her falsehoods behind an artificial wall of confidentiality."

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It continues, "Moreover, Mr. Depp is suing Ms. Heard for objectively disprovable lies that she and a few of her confederates and representatives have told about Mr. Depp in the media. The Protective Order Ms. Heard now seeks would perversely allow all these false and damaging public statements to stand uncorrected."

As we reported, Johnny sued Amber in Virginia court for defamation, after the actress penned an op-ed in the Washington Post about her life as a domestic violence victim.

Depp's suit, he claims, was filed to exonerate himself and claims he is innocent of any abuse against Amber.


"Only the truth can restore the incalculable damage that Ms. Heard has inflicted on Mr. Depp. Mr. Depp, whose reputation has suffered severe harm from these false claims, should have the right to the restorative transparency of the truth that Ms. Heard seeks to hide," the documents read.

Johnny Depp points to other prior relationships, pointing out he has never been accused of this in the past and Amber is the one who has a record of abuse.

"Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard were married for only fifteen months, and the two had no children together. Mr. Depp has two children from a longstanding relationship with Vanessa Paridis, with whom he remains close. Prior to his marriage to Ms. Heard, no one had ever accused Mr. Depp of domestic violence. By contrast, Ms. Heard was arrested in a Washington State airport, and spent the night in jail, for domestic violence against her former partner/wife witnessed by a police officer."


The Blast broke the story, Amber believes the release of highly embarrassing and sensitive information would not only negatively affect her, but would significantly harm her family and friends.

Johnny disagrees, and argues Amber should not be allowed to hide behind a "wall of confidentiality" that he believes are based upon her alleged lies.

"Although she has not yet made the assertion, being embarrassed by the factual evisceration of one’s lies would not meet the standard. The court should not allow Ms. Heard to use confidentiality as both a sword and a shield," he argues.


Depp's legal team lays out their position, which is extremely critical of the "Aquaman" star, writing, "Ms. Heard has repeatedly violated since November 2016, falsely accusing Mr. Depp of abuse in an apparent effort to promote her acting career and masquerade as an 'abuse survivor' while damaging the reputation of her former husband."

they continue that, "Ms. Heard’s own, unsealed deposition admissions from her prior testimony, show Mr. Depp to be the actual victim of serious violence and other abuse at the hands of Ms. Heard. In this context, it would be unfair to allow Ms. Heard, having used publicity of her hoax as a sword against Mr. Depp for years to destroy his reputation while burnishing hers, to now use a protective order as a shield against disclosures of materials which will undo all the damage her false publicity has done."


Depp's attorney Adam Waldman tells The Blast,

"Amber Heard didn’t want to keep things secret when she concocted her diabolical abuse hoax, sought a temporary restraining order with painted on bruises, aimed her fake story at Johnny Depp through the world’s media, or had her hoax-assisting friend iO Tillett Wright publish an op ed titled 'Why I called 911.’ But now, as the evidence blows her story to smithereens, Amber Heard suddenly wants to keep the truth a secret. Today, Johnny Depp filed an opposition motion requesting that all the evidence in his defamation case be publicly available so his reputation may be returned to him."

He added, "Lies grow in darkness; sunlight is the best disinfectant. We have opposed Amber Heard’s attempt to hide the truth because injustice must be exposed to be defeated."

Gettyimages | Jason Merritt/TERM

Depp's legal team is asking the judge to deny Amber's request for a protective order, and if the court decides to issue one, are asking that it remain limited to matters like; "addresses, contact information, or social security numbers, bank account numbers."

A hearing on the issue will take place next week.

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